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New Age Mental Healing

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»Healing involves awareness.«





Both methods are guided, spoken processes of awareness which aim to transform obstructive patterns of feelings, thoughts and actions into positive ones. Likewise, the methods can be used to understand the causes of diseases and physical symptoms and thus, are  being used as guideposts for holistic recovery.
By asking specific questions, the mental and emotional patterns are being made aware and resolved by a technique employing the integration of the brain hemispheres. The basis of my method is PSYCH-K® and ThetaHealing®, which make use of the knowledge of psychosomatics, neuroscience, behavioral science, cell biology and quantum physics. I take disharmony and suffering as a reason and opportunity to uncover and redeem unwanted subconscious belief patterns. False beliefs and shocks act as perceptual filters in our daily world and can create life dramas. We subconsciously block ourselves by thoughts that have arisen from an experience, a drama, a trauma, or that we have inherited or which we carry for others. We are often unaware of these blockages, but they are nonetheless continually maintained by our body system, binding energy and forming, so to speak, permanent filters through which we perceive the world. - If we resolve these blockages, a broader perspective and perceptions outside the filter are possible. The energy that we have used for resistance will be released and accessible for our dreams and actions


In a brief preliminary talk, the topic is named, narrowed down and together we set the goal and the mental realignment for the session: what would you like to achieve in the session? What would you like to change/happen in your life? How would you like to feel? What should change in order for you to feel good, motivated, relieved, free?

Then we detect the underlying pattern methodically and intuitively. I do this by extending my consciousness to a level outside of the daily consciousness, also called the Field, or Interworld, level of Higher Intelligence, Level of Creation.
The client remains mentally fully awake and present throughout the process.
Hindering beliefs and feelings are being resolved and replaced by new patterns of thinking and feeling, in the manner that the brain and the body can reorient towards the desired state.
'False' belief patterns are usually coupled with resources, skills, abilities which we have learned in the past. Those very personal abilities are then being reflected from current life experiences and thus led to awareness. This allows the integration of the resources into the new mental alignment, in such a way that life experience and skills can be carried forward without (!) the disabling belief patterns.
The client usually experiences a lightness, which is reinforced by so-called ‚downloads' where the client remembers long forgotten positive feelings.
Appreciation, acknowledgement, gratitude and love are the underlaying feelings of the process. And with each session, the self-confidence is strengthened.




In my reflexology practice (www.fussreflex-stadelhofen-ch), I was looking for ways to enable healing on the mental level as clients, who felt much better after a body treatment, fell back into their old ailment after some time. It seemed to me that only the transformation of deep beliefs and emotional patterns could heal them profoundly. In 2015, I came across PSYCH-K® and ThetaHealing®. Later, I added the method Organ Language by Horst Krohne: using Organ Language therapy, where body knowledge can be used to unlock energies and allow healing. The dialogue with the organs has a striking effect on the process of becoming aware.
Clients wanted to experience the spoken methods more and more and asked for help regarding mental and spiritual issues. This was the start to integrate actual mental healing sessions with my services.
Today, my specialty is working holistically with the transition of body, mind and soul.


In more than 700 healing sessions proven method.
Spontaneous remission is a reality.

• Understand the cause of stress, exam nerves and pressure to perform

• Transform and access liberated attitude towards life
• Solve mental and emotional blockages in order to create visions and access future images
• Recognize the source of anger and aggression,

   integrate and soothe them
• Relieve grief, regret and attitude of sacrifice
• Transform rejection and impotence into leadership and life force
• Dealing with addiction and eating disorders
• Gender issues, get in peace with sexual orientation
• Conflict in partnership and family
• Release physical, mental and emotional trauma
• forgiveness for oneself and others
• Fear topic


  • Degree in Business Administration lic.rer.pol. University of Basel, project management in and pharmceuticals till 2015

  • Foot reflexotherapy, diploma 2014

  • PSYCH-K® Practitioner 2015

  • ThetaHealing® Practitioner 2016

  • Reflexology (full body), therapeutic diploma  2018


Transform feelings
"When feeling is accompanied by consciousness, it transforms into a resource."

• Recognize fundamental violations and life issues
• Resolve trauma, reset activated survival instincts
• Reduce obstructive feelings
• Integrate the past, make peace

Transform beliefs
"The biggest fight is living in resistance to something. - When the fight comes to an end, we have access to our power. "

• Bring belief patterns to consciousness

• Transform and expand our perceptual radius

• Change patterns of action

• Access the source of unconditioned power

Access body memory
"Organs have consciousness, they store traumatic experiences that can trigger illnesses."

• Understand the language of body symptoms
• Translate body symptoms into feelings, release them
• Dialogue with organs and with the subconscious

"Beliefs act as perceptual filters and create our reality."

• turn towards the source within, internal reorientation, unfold potential
• develop future images; visually, auditory, kinesthetic
• manifest visions, detect and release doubts



For now sessions take place via telephone. Duration of the session is about 1h30. Honorary CHF 210.-

I guarantee lasting, freed emotions  towards your topic.


+41 79 525 04 20

+41 44 390 14 17


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